[LaVian&CO] Spring 2015 To Close For Comfort

Meeting for CoffeeHappened upon a lovely place in my travels this evening. Brooklyn Bistro & Café. Open air dining as well as intimate seating inside. Pictures of the dear city flank the walls. You can almost hear the beans grinding for your brew of choice! Owned and operated by the lovely Julietta. Be certain to say hello to her when you visit as she is the perfect hostess. My look of the day comes from the Spring 2015 Collection, To Close For Comfort Bagged 2 by LaVian&CO. Smooth slacks outfit that can be dressed up or down. Use of the hud will allow you 4 different textures for the slacks, 4 for the belt, and a whopping 12 for the top! Endless variety as only LaVian&CO can do it. My jewelry is Stone Pierce from Sakura Outfit from GABRIEL. My sandals are from mymy called Woody Molokai, And the hair is now at The Instruments, this event ends on July 9th. This is the beautiful Fire & Ice from Iconic Hair. So hurry! lol and don’t forget to grab that cup of Java on the way! Enjoy the day- Xio

Too Close For ComfortWaiting on my cup!

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