[LaVian&CO] S/S15 Upside Down

Lavian Upside Down_001

A day of reflection for Xiomara. Taking the time to remember and appreciate certain accomplishments, and the road traveled to get there. Here in Second Life we can meet so many wonderful personalities from every corner of the world. When they allow us to enter their lives we should always treat that with the utmost respect and dignity. Always remember from whence we began and always try to reach down to lift another. I have awesome memories of those hands that lifted Xiomara. This day takes me back to Dallas Modeling Company, one of my first Academies. Suki Rexen and Lopez Fairlady took time and still do to offer advice and continuous guidance. great place to begin or to advance your career. Wearing an outfit called “Upside Down” by LaVian&CO. Ironic name for me today as that is how I really was! This outfit says it all- bold colors and prints in the 16 texture hud. From the low revealing neckline to the sassy hem, makes for an outfit for you to go anywhere and proclaim- Here I am!

Take good care- Xio

Outfit- Upside Down- LaVian&CO

Hair- Foxie- Iconic Hair

Sunglasses- Vain-PurpleMoon Creations

Bracelet- Soothe- Breathe

Photographed By Xio at the beautiful grounds at Dallas Modeling Company, what a beautiful place to reflect upon and appreciate your Second Life!

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