PANTOMIMA- ! short belt + cardigan heart pink

Talk about short shorts- can’t get shorter than this! Knit cardigan and belted shorts from PANTOMIMA. Sexy and sassy outfit for when the sun begins to set and the ocean breeze blows inland. And for extra charm, the beret is right on time. This mesh set comes in five sizes and can be found only on Marketplace at this time. Surfs up! Take care- Xio

Outfit- ! short belt + cardigan heart pink- PANTOMIMA,

Hair- A&A – Phoebe

Shoes- Tammy Wedges- Hilly Haalan Fashions

Necklace- Gabriel- Angel Heart

Bangle- Roger Paulino

Earrings- Concentric Circles- PurpleMoon

Take good care- Xio

Pantomima_005 Pantomima_003

Photographed at the beautiful beach of Ns Surf Beach.

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