ECRU @ Designer Showcase- July Mercury Catsuit

Now the day is over, time to wind down. But because you happen to be a socialite, you cannot go undressed!  Hurry over to ECRU @ Designer Showcase before the July event ends on the 26th and get the “Mercury” Catsuit in Lilac.  Sleek and form-fitting, why not relax and look sexy at the same time? And the boots- they are attached! Two separate texture huds available so you will have 16 colors to choose from if both are purchased. 8 per hud. The catsuit is mesh and with standard mesh sizing.

Hurry up! You know you are ready to go! lol Take good care- Xio

Mercury Catsuit- Lilac- ECRU @ Designer Showcase

Hair- CAYLEE- Iconic Hair

ECRU_006 ECRU_Logo 1 ECRU_005

Photographed at the home of Xiomara Lavendel

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