[LaVian&CO] S/S15 @ The Black Dot Project – Meet Me By The Seaside

Time for newness and fun! “Meet Me By The Seaside” is the perfect outfit for that thought. Long lean leggings paired with pullover knit top and long flowing duster style jacket provide you with the comfort you will need when the sea breezes greet you. This outfit comes with 16 texture choices for the jacket and leggings plus 8 different patterns for the top. How great is that! The bagged 3 set, which I chose the white jacket and leggings with a black and gold top is now at LaVian @ The Black Dot Project. Love how this moves!

Outfit- Meet Me By The seaside- LaVian @ The Black Dot Project

Hair- Behind the Wheel- Homage

Heels- Grace- Candydoll

Photographed at the beautiful Nautilus Marina. Four beautiful sims connecting to the Blake Sea.

Lavian5_004[LaVian&C0] SS15 Meet Me By the Seaside Bagged 3

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