[LaVian&CO] @Mesh Avenue S/S15 “Love Thy Will Be Done”

What a lovely outfit for a midsummer stroll through beautiful gardens! Wearing “Love Thy Will Be Done” from LaVian&CO @ Mesh Avenue. This outfit boasts a softly gathered cropped top with rope chain shoulder straps, and tailored, sleek belted trousers. Love how the slacks do not have the “square crotch” that is seen in so many designs. Really nice, long lean lines and beautiful textures.This outfit works with mesh and classic avatar bodies. And of course we have our choice of 48 different colors for top and slacks via hud. This outfit can easily go from this stroll through Daydream Island, to a sophisticated social at the yacht club. Enjoy!

Love thy will be donelove thy will be doneOutfit- Love Thy Will Be Done- LaVian&CO @ Mesh Avenue

Hair- Worth It- Iconic Hair – August Group Gift

Jewelry- Licci necklace and Silver hoop bracelet- Finesmith

Photographed at what is said to be the friendliest island in second Life- Daydream Island. Have much fun. Take good care- Xio

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