{AnaMarkova} Laurel in Skye

Had a nostalgic whim today and thought of Paris, France. So, I visited the sim of Paris Eiffel where I could hear the wonderful French music from the 1900’s and see the wondrous realistic builds. Had to look as if I fit in, even with a modern flair, and reached for this divine creation from AnaMarkova Designs. Here I wear the lovely “Laurel” in Skye texture. This ensemble consists of skirt, top, and also shoes. love the color and the black around the skirt provides a very interesting focal point. The sleeveless wrap-style top was perfect for the weather, the bow confirming me as the prim and proper Miss that I am! Take good care! – Xio

LaurelLaurelOutfit- Laurel- AnaMarkova Designs

Hat- Sabrina Chapeau- Hats by Couture Chapeau

Jewelry- Shaina Pearls- Lazuri

Hair- Lexi- Iconic Hair (from the Lexi Project)

Photographed at the beautiful sim Paris Eiffel, there you can ride in lovely old cars or travel the streets in a horse drawn carriage. lovely place to visit.

Please click on photos to see more detailed views.

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