{NANTRA}@Designer Showcase November Round & LaVian -AW1516- Essentials I Don’t Like It, I Love It

This is an awesome pose set being offered from NanTra for the November Round of Designer Showcase. The set is called “Seattle-Bound” and comes with 12 poses and 20 different props which you can add instead of rezzing, which helps when you are at a sim and have not rights to rezz. Different luggage sets, and totes paired with realistic poses make for a great offer at this November Round at Designer Showcase! And for a great travelling outfit? Check out my look for the day! I wear “I don’t like it, I love it” from LaVian. Sleek, chained slacks and tailored jacket. The outfit is mesh body compatible and comes with the 36 pantone hud for mix and match of sleeves, pants, and jacket body. Your ride may be late, but you will look great while waiting! Take good care- Xio

nantra&Lavian_004 Outfit- AW1516- Essentials I don’t like it, I love it- LaVian

Poses and props- Seattle-Bound – NanTra@Designer Showcase

Hair- Thunda Afro- Unorthodox

Photographed at Southern Tier Healthlink, NY. Lovely sim to travel through!


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