Peace On Earth 8- Dench Designs, AnaMarkova, and Deluxe Body Factory

downtown_008If you have not begun the Peace On Earth 8 Hunt, you need to get moving! So many wonderful designs that have been offered for this meaningful event. Here I will show four of my favorites thus far.

Firstly, the room is from Dench Designs, called “Christmas at Downtown”. Everything was based on the popular series theme of “Christmas at Downtown Abbey”, and the designer took great care in the furniture’s and props. The room has a beautiful Christmas tree complete with animations for decorating, male and female. There is seating for five with animations and props for canapés, cocktails, tea, and regular sitting. Everything you see in this room is included- wow!

Hint: # 64 “You’ve got to ‘hand’ it to Grandad Dench, he likes a good chat with the customers!”

Next is my beautiful dress, of course! {AnaMarkova} Designs offers us “Toyah Sweater Dress in Tartan”. Love the long sleeves and the comfortable rolled neckline. This belted design comes in five standard mesh sizes. And that is gift one! {AnaMarkova} Designs has two gifts for this hunt. The second being the “Chained Heels” to compliment the dress. These heels come with sizing for High Slink and also TMP.

* 2 GLOBES TO FIND * # 13 & 14
Hint #1: “Everyone loves gifts!”
Hint #2: “Fur warms the heart.”


And last, but certainly not least, are my earrings. These are called “Peace Dove Earrings” and are from Deluxe Body Factory. Oh so delicate and sweet, these come with a removable resizer script. To be worn strictly by angels! 🙂       Hint: # 7″But first, coffee!”




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