Baboom Couture and Beloved Jewelry @ Peace On Earth Hunt 8

Showing two more items from the Peace On Earth Hunt8 here. Number 50 on the list comes from Baboom Couture. This beautiful flowing gown is called, “Snowy”. This softly textured dress comes in 5 standard mesh sizes and is complete with draped scarf about the arms. You can be Queen of your own kingdom when you find this globe!

Hint: “Let yourself be guided by the light.  It will show you the world and treasure.  Wish you fun and peace on earth.”

I also wear another item from the hunt and that is the gem-changing set from number 63 on the list- Beloved Jewelry. The set is called “Nola”, and with a touch you can change the texture of the gemstones. The set comes complete with necklace, earrings, and ring. Nothing like holiday sparkle!

Hint: “Center Floor.”


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