{AnaMarkova}@Designer Showcase- Toyah Sweater Dress

Beautiful day outside and the air is brisk and clean! For a lovely stroll or dashing around for last minute shopping, this is the perfect dress to wear. Today I show Toyah Sweater Dress” from designer, Ana Markova. This happens to be an exclusive design for Designer Showcase during the December Round. The dress has long sleeves, cowl neckline, and is perfectly complimented by the stylishly detailed belt. “Toyah Sweater Dress” fits all mesh bodies and comes in your choice of eleven beautiful fall textures, here I show Ecru, Rouge, and Chocolate. Ana Markova has also bought the “Chained Heels” to Designer Showcase for the December Round that can be purchased separately and will match your tone of dress. This makes it more than easy to be stylish and comfortable! Take good care- Xio.

ana_005anam_002ana_006ana_003Dress- Toyah Sweater Dress- AnaMarkova@Designer Showcase

Shoes- Chained Heels- AnaMarkova@Designer Showcase

Hair- Denizen- Rezology

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