{AnaMarkova}@Designer Showcase January Round- Flutter Dress with Leggings and Flutter Pumps

Whether planning a lovely day in the city or a lovely sunset with friends, this dress fits both. Here I show “Flutter Dress with Leggings and Flutter Pumps” from {AnaMarkova}@Designer Showcase. The Flutter Dress is offered in twelve texture options, all with onyx leggings.  And to complete your look, the Flutter Pumps are the perfect match. Both are sold separately allowing for mix and match options. The dress and leggings come in five standard sizes and the pumps are for Slink high feet. The two I show here are the Flutter dress in “Skully” with the Flutter Pumps in Rum pink, and the Flutter dress in Rum Pink with Onyx flutter pumps. All at Designer Showcase now for January. Take good care- Xio



Outfit- Flutter dress with Leggings – {AnaMarkova}@Designer Showcase

Pumps- Flutter Pumps- {AnaMarkova}@Designer Showcase

Hair- Tyra- ICONIC@ ON9 Event

Necklace and Earrings- Indigo_Flow- *AvaWay*

Bracelet- Vogue Bracelet in Berry- Chop Zuey Couture Jewelry

Photographed at the home of Xiomara Lavendel


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