Finale Couture@Designer Showcase January Round- After Dark Haute Velvet Gown

Finale Couture has a beautiful gown now at Designer Showcase for the January Round. This gown is aptly named “After Dark Haute Velvet Gown”. Your choice of six colors from which you can choose to melt away the wintry blues. And looking for options? You get it all in this gown. The gown can be worn with or without the chest piece and/or optional flexi skirt.  Finale Couture also offers additional chest pieces for sale so you can mix or match more with gown options. Beautifully patterned and oh so haute! Right now at Designer Showcase. Take good care- Xio

after dark_001

after dark_002after dark_003

after dark_004

Outfit- After Dark Haute Velvet Gown- Finale Couture@Designer Showcase

Hair- MIE355- BOON

Choker and Earrings- Atarah Garnet Emerald Silver Choker Set- ***Luminesse

Shoes- Milano Stilettos- Sheba Creations

Photographed at the home of Xiomara Lavendel

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