Entice @ Designer Showcase-Beautiful Drug Dress & Beautiful Drug Boots

Time to step out and have some fun!! Found this outfit at Designer Showcase for the March Round and had to show it off. This ensemble is called “Beautiful Drug Dress with Beautiful Drug Heels”. Designed by Entice, this outfit will definitely turn heads as you stroll through any entertainment venue. Leather, studded mini dress with mesh inserts at top hugs every curve. The dress comes in packs of 3 with light or dark colors, same with the boots. Both boots and dress are at special price of 199L for each pack, making this outfit not only affordable, but a must have! The package comes jammed pack with options for many of the mesh bodies, as well as standard sizes for classic avatars. And the boots? That is another package with many options. Included is an alpha layer for standard avatars, and also standard sizes for mesh. The hud allows you to texture the boots in 6 different places, so you can maintain that individuality status! lol Take good care- Xio





Dress- Beautiful Drug Dress- Entice @ Designer Showcase

Boots- Beautiful Drug Boots- Entice @ Designer Showcase

Jewelry- ((Crystal Line))-  Love earth Collection

Hair- Introvert- .Shi

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