A relaxing day with my friends- pets from LEGENDAIRE! They have created the best buddies that you can carry anywhere with you. Here I will show four of my favorites.

legendaire shady lady_001
LEGENDAIRE Pets- Shady Lady


First is “Shady Lady”. Beautiful yellow coat and you have option of having as shown here or with pearl collar. She just rests peacefully in your arms.


legendaire shady lady_002
LEGENDAIRE Pets- Mr. Cupcake

Mr. Cupcake also comes with a jewel collar if preferred or to just be natural.


legendaire shady lady_003
LEGENDAIRE Pets- Louie the Dog

Now Louie gets sassy and really spoiled. this precious pup comes with his own carrier! there is also an eight color hud for changing textures of the cover. He matches everything you have.


legendaire shady lady_004
LEGENDAIRE Pets- Duchess

And then we come to my fourth favorite, Duchess. this little lady has a pert bow on her head with a hud for different texture choices. Lovely Siamese kitty that nestles in the crook of your arm and just watches people pass by.

There are many different pets to choose from at LEGENDAIRE right now. And for a limited time Mr. Cupcake is only 49L. All others priced regularly at 99L. Go and find the one that fits your personality!! Take good care- Xio

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