RAYNE COUTURE @ Jersey Shore Event- Harlot

Lazy afternoon and sailing the beautiful Linden waters comes to mind. RAYNE @ Jersey Shore has a swimsuit that keeps me chic and stylish while I enjoy the views. Speaking of views- “Harlot” has a deep plunging neckline and nifty cutouts on the hips that show just enough skin to be alluring. With materials enabled this swimsuit shimmers in the light beautifully.You never know when you may meet a fellow sailor in need! The Harlot swimsuit comes in five textures and five standard sizes, fatpack is also available. The event runs from June 4-25. Go and try a demo at RAYNE @ Jersey Shore. Take good care- Xio

RAYNE -Harlot Swimsuit- Sky
RAYNE- Harlot Swimsuit- Satsuma
RAYNE – Harlot Swimsuit- Red


Swimsuit- Harlot- RAYNE COUTURE @ Jersey Shore Event

Hair- Frenchie- Homage


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