RAYNE @ InspirationSL Event-“Starman Dress”

The David Bowie round of InspirationSL has begun and RAYNE Couture offers a dress as exciting as the star the event showcases! This is the “Starman” dress. Fun and quite flirty, the dress comes in five standard rigged mesh sizes. Four planetary textures to choose from and also available in a fat pack. The “Starman” dress is materials enabled so ensure to use advance lighting to see the spectacular shimmer and sheen of this design. This quarterly event will end on July 10th. Celebrate David Bowie RAYNE Couture style! Take good care- Xio

legendaire Pop Art_005
RAYNE Couture- Starman Dress- Mars
legendaire Pop Art_006
RAYNE Couture- Starman Dress- Mercury
legendaire Pop Art_007
RAYNE Couture- Starman Dress- Neptune
legendaire Pop Art_008
RAYNE Couture- Starman Dress- Saturn

Dress- Starman- RAYNE Couture @ InspirationSL Event

Hair- Bobbi- Lamb

Necklace- Marni- n@n@ (closed)

Bracelets- Lau- Lcorse

Shoes- Estee Heels- Reign June Luxe Box

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