RAYNE Couture @ The Stuff Style Event

Today it is all about the feet, and I am excited to show mine! Especially when they are adorned by the latest release from RAYNE Couture. These heels are called, “Britannia” and arrived just in time for many celebrations. The designer offers five textures in sizes for Slink High Feet, (feet not included).  Fatpack is also available. The Stuff Style Event opened on the 6th of this month and has an International theme for this round and the Britannia Heels are right on time! Perfect for any celebration, the heels have sharp heel and detailed platform soles. Notice the grip on the sole to keep you firmly planted! Hurry and get yours before the round ends! Take good care- Xio

RAYNE Couture- Britannia Heels- White
RAYNE Couture- Britannia Heels- Black
RAYNE Couture- Britannia Heels- Navy
RAYNE Couture- Britannia Heels- Red
RAYNE Couture- Britannia Heels- Union Jack


The Britannia heels are the exclusive offered by RAYNE Couture for The Stuff Style Event

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