EVOLVE @ Saint Tropez – Tropez

The exciting summer event, Saint Tropez Market is open and in full swing. EVOLVE joins the round with a sassy outfit called “Tropez”. A very colorful top and color coordinated pair of detailed shorts. Perfect for a walk along the boardwalk or just a jaunt with friends. EVOLVE has fitted sizes included for Hourglass, Maitreya, and Physique mesh bodies, shown here with the Maitreya Lara Body. There are also sizes for classic avatars. Take good care- Xio

EVOLVE- Tropez




Outfit- Tropez- EVOLVE @ Saint Tropez Market

Hair- Love- Analog Dog @ Hair Fair 2016

Necklace- Aisha Necklace- Tantalum @ Designer Showcase

Bracelet and Watch- Eliza- *PetroFF* @ Cosmopolitan

Shoes- Clover Sandals- Slipper Originals

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