It has been stated that J’Adore represents absolute, sophisticated, and glamorous femininity. MARQUESSE has taken that statement and has designed the most beautiful gown- J’Adore Gown. Lovely metal detail on the bra, the ribbing of the soft material across the hips, the bold cut-out at the back, and the sweeping hemline will have you feeling as a Queen! MARQUESSE has created the J’Adore Gown in six breathtaking textures. Included are five fitmesh, five standard mesh, and fitted sizes for Belleza, Slink, and Maitreya, shown here on the Maitreya Lara Body. The bra is hud applied with appliers for Belleza, Slink, Maitreya, and Omega. Getting my dance card prepared as I am stepping out tonight looking fabulous! Take good care- Xio

J'Adore Gown_001
MARQUESSE- J’Adore Gown- Black
J'Adore Gown_002
MARQUESSE- J’Adore Gown- Cerulean
J'Adore Gown_003
MARQUESSE- J’Adore Gown- Gold
J'Adore Gown_004
MARQUESSE- J’Adore Gown- Pistachio
J'Adore Gown_005
MARQUESSE- J’Adore Gown- Rose
J'Adore Gown_006
MARQUESSE- J’Adore Gown- Snow
J'Adore Gown_007
MARQUESSE- J’Adore Gown- Snow Detail of Back View

Gown- J’Adore Gown- MARQUESSE

Hair- Astrild- Adoness

Earrings- PID Hoop- RYCA

Face Piercing- Diamond Gold- RYCA

Necklace- Metal MST7 Gold- RYCA

Bracelet- Marta Bracelet- MINIMAL

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