Shoe-Addiction @ Witches wear Prada Event

With only two more days remaining for the great Witches Wear Prada Event, today it is all about the shoes! Shoe-Addiction has many fabulous offers to compliment your Fall wardrobe in style!

First, I show the “Autumn Fire” Boot in red. this sturdy boot has studs galore, and great detailing front and back. Platform soles with stiletto heel. These boots are fitted for Slink, but are also compatible with other mesh bodies and Classic Avatars. Shoe-Addiction offers the Autumn Fire Boots in three color choices.

Shoe-Addiction @ WWPE- Autumn Fire Red- Back View
Shoe-Addiction @ WWPE- Autumn Fire Red- Front View

Next are the “Emlyn Heels”. Here I show the green and blue color samples.  Love that look of netting that fits your feet so snuggly and the angled heel supports. The Emlyn heels are offered in five color choices and is non-rigged so you can wear with whatever mesh feet you may have!

Shoe-Addiction @ WWPE- Emlyn- Emerald
Shoe-Addiction @ WWPE- Emlyn- Blue

Next are the Galaxy Heels. This strappy sandal comes with fittings for Slink and also unrigged mesh. I show the blue color here.

Shoe-Addiction @ WWPE- Galaxy Blue Heels

Here we have the “Pretty Dark” platforms in Gold. This shoe has special sizing’s for Belleza, Maitreya,and Slink Mesh Feet, but is also unrigged. Lovely zipper detailing on the back!

Shoe-Addiction @ WWPE- Pretty Dark- Gold

And last, but not least we have the “Wanda Shoe” in purple. This unrigged beauty is perfect for all of your bewitching nights!

Shoe-Addiction @ WWPE- Wanda Shoe- Purple

The Witches Wear Prada Event ends on the 27th of November. Visit the awesome event, grab the teleporter hud, and enjoy the exclusives from many great designers! Take good care- Xio



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