Peace On Earth 9 Hunt- Dench Designs

I thought last years’ gift from Dench Designs would be hard to beat, but they have outdone themselves again! For the Peace On Earth 9 Hunt, they are offering “The Christmas Room” and this is stop #32 of the hunt. The walls of the room are copy and modifiable with falling snow at the windows. Furniture may be rezzed with or without the walls for placing where you like. The sofa has action and sitting animations for singles and couples, just grab a cup of the egg nog! The globe bar has touch and open lid, and the fireplace has more animations! Perfect for warming up after that snowball fight outside. Just sit on the rug and you can eat, drink, warm yourself and more. The lights can be turned off and on and the sound of the crackling fire can also be off or on. You do not even have to search for a tree as the one included is quite beautiful! The tree is also resizable to fit your home if you choose to not use walls. Dench Designs has made my Christmas yet again. Enjoy the hunt and take good care- Xio

Dench Designs- POE9 Hunt Gift- The Christmas Room






The Christmas Room by Dench Designs for the POE 9 Hunt


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