Slipper Originals Weekend Specials!!


Holding onto the rays of Summer is not hard to do for this weekend. But you must hurry to get these deals from the Slipper Originals Mainstore as these deals will end on Monday, January 9. So today it is all about the shoes!! First, for Fifty5 Thursdays Slipper Originals offers two fatpacks! “Beachcomber” and “Elsie Sandals”. Beachcomber comes with hud with 16 colors and the Elsie Sandals have 16 colors and 5 metal choices. Both are fitted for Maitreya, Slink, or TMP Flat feet. Just 55L until close of business on Monday!!

Slipper Originals- Beachcomber Sandals- Red
Slipper Originals- Beachcomber Sandals- Blue
Slipper Originals- Elsie Sandals- Black
Slipper Originals- Elsie Sandals- Red

Slipper Originals also has yet another special deal that ends on Jan9! The “Bonfire Sandals” in black, red, or brown are on sale for Sixty Linden Weekends. These detailed sandals are also fitted for Maitreya, Slink, and TMP. For a low cost of 60L this is the perfect enhancement for that beach resort vacation!

Slipper Originals- Bonfire Sandals- Brown
Slipper Originals- Bonfire Sandals- Red

Take good care- Xio


All sandals- Slipper Originals

Hair- Leila Hair- Rowne Salon

Bikini- Ahrianna Bikini- Just Because


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