Masoom @ WLRP & Slipper Originals

Ah, the life of Fantasy! And how awesome the fashion is! Today my look comes from MASOOM @ We Love Roleplay Event, their exclusive design named “Naveen Dress”. Made from 100% original mesh and textures the Naveen Dress allows you to step in the fantasy role of your dreams. This dress is designed for Maitreya Mesh Body and materials are enabled. Choice of 7 textures from which to choose and with the fatpack option all textures are included. This round of We Love Roleplay will end on February 28th.

My stylish sandals are from Slipper Originals @ The Hipster Fair. These shoes are fitted for Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink, with 16 textures covering 5 separate sections and also 5 metal options. These sandals are aptly named “Pandora Sandals” and will have you stepping ever so lightly! The Hipster Fair will end on March 3.






Dress- Naveen Dress- MASOOM @ We Love Roleplay Event

Shoes- Pandora Sandals- Slipper Originals @ The Hipster Fair

Hair- No_Dance- No.Match @ Enchantment

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