I.M. Collection Grand Opening Day!

So today the fabulous designer, Iseult McPherson opened the doors to the new shop- I.M. Collection! So today I show two of the designs that made me buy them! lol  I must say the shop is well laid out and spacious, being  decorated with stylish banners and great décor. The designs appear to be fitted for Maitreya, and Slink Mesh Bodies, and also Fitmesh sizes and alpha layers, so Fashion for All! So, now I show you my choices for today.

First, I just had to have the “Aisha Outfit” in Pink. Love the detailed two piece styling. nothing like crisp linen for the Spring. Great for an afternoon gathering or for that special shopping jaunt.

I.M. Collection- Aisha Outfit- Pink
I.M. Collection- Aisha Outfit- Pink

My second outfit I chose is the “Ava Dress” in Blue. I love the richness of the textures! The lovely detailed pattern that runs the length of the dress is accented with zippered side pockets. This shall be my dress for my afternoon socials. Love the fit!!  So, I must venture back to I.M. Collection as there are already free group gifts out! This shop is one to have a look at- the designs are beautiful and you do not have to bring your piggybank! Take good care- Xio

I.M. Collection- Ava Dress- Blue
I.M. Collection- Ava Dress- Blue


Aisha Dress:

Dress- Aisha Dress- I.M. Collection

Necklace and Earrings- Madrid Pink Moon- Zuri Jewelry

Handbag- Chloe Satchel Pink- Belle Epoque

Hair- Giselle- Tableau Vivant


Ava Dress:

Dress- Ava Dress- I.M. Collection

Hair- A-NV-0003- Lelutka

Earrings- Silver Hoop Earrings- Heartsdale Jewelry

Bracelet- Infinitum Silver Bracelet-Ninety   Gift

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