Having a bit of fun with some new winter friends today and is truly cold out. But thanks to the Designer of ZICKENKISTE my feet are snug and warm! Today I show the latest release- “The Wylie Boots“. Rigged mesh for Slink High Feet, The Wylie Boots come in your choice of four different packs with hud for four texture options. I am wearing The Wylie Boots from Pack #4, Blacks and Browns. Love the fur detail and the fit is beautiful!! Perfect for that frolic in the snow or the stroll of winter shopping. All available landmarks below on where to purchase with the Christmas pack being discounted for the season! Take good care- Xio

Wylie Boots_001

Wylie Boots_002
Wylie Boots Pack 4 – Black
Wylie Boots_003
Wylie Boots- Pack 4 – Grey
Wylie Boots_004
Wylie Boots- Pack 4 – Brown
Wylie Boots_005
Wylie Boots- Pack 4 – Tan


Boots- Wylie Boots- ZICKENKISTE Main Store

ZICKENKISTE @ German Xmas Market

TPP Winter Bazaar

Sweater and Jeans – from The Istanbul Outfit- Bens Beauty

Earrings- From The Wanderer Jewelry Set- League

Rings- Shalynn Bento Rings- Meva

Hair- Chelli- Unorthodox




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